Casa Ruralsuite Urban

Magdalena Eguaras, 48, 31500 Tudela, اسپانیا - Tudela. دیدن نقشه

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Magdalena Eguaras, 48, 31500 Tudela, اسپانیا - Tudela.

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Casa Ruralsuite Urban

We are in Cascante, in the south of Navarra, in the valley of the river Queiles, at km 7.7 on the road Tarazona-Tudela N121C, 7 km from Tudela, 1.5 km from the old town of Cascante and 3 km from the exit of the motorway AP68 and 4 km from the motorway A68 and the district hospital, 50m of the “Vía Verde del Tarazonica" walking / cycling trail.An innovative concept in rural tourism. Tudela RuralSuite Resort is friendly and comfortable and offers guests a truly unique experience. The facilities are first class while still maintaining a distinctly rural feel.


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